VR-6600PRO Mobile Radio

13.8V (15 Amp) Operating Voltage Source Required - Dual Receiver Radio (Dual RF), Capable of Crossband Repeating. DTMF, CTCSS, and DCS Calling Modes Supported High (50W), Mid (20W), Low (5W) Power. VHF and UHF Output exceeds 50 watts. 1.25M (220MHz) is 5 watts. RX/TX: 137-174MHz, 222-225MHz, 400-480MHz. Receive Only: .5-1.710MHz (AM Radio), 76-108MHz (FM Radio), 108-136MHz (AM Aviation Band), 175-250MHz, 300-399MHz, 480-520MHz

  • Frequency Range: 136-174&400-480MHz
  • Output Power: UHF & VHF 50watts
  • Channel No.: 1000
  • Voltage: 13.8V


1.130*40mm Large DOT Matrix (264*64 dots) LCD display ensureexcellent visibility-Night or Day. The newly designed 360 degree suction cupmounting bracket allows for superior suction and durability in the roughestenvironments. The bracket also allows you to remove the display for use orstorage when required.

2.1000 programmable memory channels with CTCSS and DSCencode/decode DTMF encoding/decoding, priority channel scanning, and twin bandsimultaneous reception. It's bandwidth selectable, allowing you to select wideor narrow bandwidth at the press of a button. Bands can be freely set on thesame channel for VHF TX-UHF RX or UHF TX-VHF RX. It's power selectable as well,with allowing you to select the output power to high medium or low.

3.There's more 8 colors LCD backlights for selection, you willbe safer because you can freely adjust the brightness of the backlight andbutton light, as well as automatic backlight setting. The stereo speakers builtin the panel helps the automatically identify the signal. The speaker soundssimultaneously when received single signal and it sounds respectively whenreceived dual signal.

4.The optional GPS/APRS, Bluetooth BTG-6600A1, it can bewirelessly connected to your cell phone by Bluetooth, then the data of APRSwill display on your phone, including the MAP, Call Sigh, Date Time andDistance, etc. Note:(This Item Not Include BTG-6600A1)


1.Large, Fantastic and Easy-to-Read Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

2.Control Head Separation with Ease

3.Built-in Three Speakers

4.Cross-Band Repeater(X-Repeater) Capability

5.1000CH Huge Memory Channel Management Capability

6.50W Powerful and Reliable Output Power

7.Built-in stereo decoder for FMBroadcast: Listen to FM Broadcast in Stereo with dual speakers on the rear ofthe control head

8.DTMF Microphone Included

9.High-speed Band Scope

10.Wideband Receive, Continuous reception for short-wave, FM/AMbroadcasts, aircraft, and public service channels ect.

11.8 colors LCD backlights for selection, you will be saferbecause you can freely adjust the brightness of the backlight and button light,as well as automatic backlight setting.

12.Timer function: clock with event timer function to count upor down function etc.

13.VR-6600PRO has the DOUBLE RF MOSFET MODULE, and it canprovide very smooth power from the V band to U band.

14.The hands-free function is realized with the mini-microphonebuilt in the panel.

15.Clear Voice: The stereo speakers built in the panel helpsthe automatically identify the signal. The speaker sounds simultaneously whenreceived single signal and it sounds respectively when received dual signal.

16.The newly designed 360 degree suction cup mounting bracketallows for superior suction and durability in the roughest environments. Thebracket also allows you to remove the display for use or storage when required.All without the use of permanent mounting screws.

17.The installed dual speaker enables you to freely choose themicrophone connectors whether on the mainframe or panel.

18.The mainframe is solid and break-resistant. Passive coolingadopted, the longevity of mainframe will not be affected by the dust absorbedon it.

19.A Mini-Din Date connector is uniquely installed in themainframe.

20.Three speaker systems (two in panel and one in mainframe) allowyou to have more options.

21.Frequency: 136-174&220MHz 1W (USA only) &400-480MHz

22.Output Power: 50 Watts (220 MHz 1 Watts)

23.Wideband Receive

24.NOAAWeather Channel



Frequency Range

RX: 0.5-1.71MHz(AM Radio)

76-108MHz(FM Radio)

108-135.995MHz(Air Band)

137-173.995MHz(144MHz HAM Band)

174-250MHz(VHF TV Band)

300-399.995MHz(General 1)

400-479.995MHz(430MHz HAM Band)

480-520MHz(General  2)

TX:  136-173.995MHz(Ham Band)

222-225MHz(USA version  only)

430-479.995MHz(Ham Band)

Channel  Step


Frequency  Stability


Repeater  Shift

±600KHz (144MHz)

±1.6/5.0/7.6MHz (430MHz)

Emission  Type

F1,  F2, F3

Antenna  Impedance


Supply  Voltage

Nominal:13.8V  DC, Negative Ground Operating: 11.7-15.8V, Negative Ground

Current  Consumption

0.5A  (Receive) 10A (TX, 144MHz 50W) 12A(TX, 430MHz 50W)

Operating  Temperature

-20 to +60

Case  Size (W X H XD)

Panel:  6.3" x 2.6" x1.3" (157 x 66 x33.5mm) Panel w/o knob connectors

Panel:  5.5" x 1.8" x6.0" (140 x46 x 150mm) Panel w/o knob connectors


4.6lbs  (2.1Kg) Rear Chassis


RF  Power Output


Modulation  Type

Variable  Reactance F1, F2, F3

Maximum  Deviation

±5KHz (Wide) ±2.5KHz (Narrow)

Spurious  Emission

At  least 60dB below

Microphone  Impedance



Circuit  Type

Double-Conversion  Super heterodyne (FM/AM)

Single-Conversion  Super heterodyne (Radio)

Intermediate  Frequencies

1st:  49.950KHz (A Band)

2nd:  450KHz ("Left Side" Band, FM/AM)

1st:  45.450KHz (B Band)

2nd:  450KHz ("Right Side" Band, FM/AM)


1st:  50KHz (AM Radio)

5μV  TYP for 10dB SN(0.5-1.710MHz,AM)

2μV  TYP for 12dB SINAD(76-108MHz,AM)

0.8μV  TYP for 10dB SN(108-135.995MHz,AM)

0.2μV  TYP for 12dB SINAD(136-173.995MHz,AM)

1μV  TYP for 12dB SINAD (174-222MHz,AM)

0.8μV  TYP for 10dB SN(300-336MHz,AM)

0.25μV  TYP for 12dB SINAD (336-400MHz,FM)

0.2μV  for 12dB SINAD (400-480MHz,FM) EXP

0.5μV  TYP for 12dB SINAD (480-520MHz,WFM)

Squelch  Sensitivity

0.13μV  (144/430MHz Band)

Selectivity  (Typical)

(Wide)  More than 10KHz/6dB , Less than 30KHz/60dB

(Narrow)  More than 6KHz/6dB, Less than 20KHz/60dB

AF  Output

8W@4ohm  for 10% THD (@13.8V) BTL EXP SP

4W@4ohm  for 10% THD (@13.8V) Normal EXP SP

AF  Output Impedance

4-16  ohm

Package Includes:

1 X Control Head Panel

1 X Rear Chassis

1 X DC Power Cable w/Fuse

1 X DTMF Microphone HM-68

1 X Mounting Bracket for front Panel (Suction Cup Type)

1 X Control Cable

1 X Mounting Bracket

1 X Cooling fan

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