• IP68 waterproof test

    2022-05-13 admin

  • Vero Telecom VR6600PRO first impressions

    The VGC VR6600PRO has been in my shack four days now. These are just first impressions; we didn’t do any measurements yet.Inside the box:The radio itself (main unit + front panel)MicrophoneSuction cup

    2020-03-27 admin

  • Review – BTech UV-50X3 (Tri-Band)-OEM by VR-6600PRO

    Four years after its initial design, the VGC 6600PRO has evolved into the BTech UV-50X3, a full featured Tri-Band mobile that delivers a full 50W on VHF and UHF, with addition of a 220 MHz module that delivers 5W output. The 220 MHz module was specifically designed and filtered for 222-225MHz US ham band operation. I mention this as there are currently radios being advertised as Tri-Band operating in the range of 240-260MHz that are not adaptable to frequencies below 240MHz due to their internal filtering.

    2020-03-27 admin

  • BG7FYX-Install VR-N7500 on my motorcycle

    As a motorcycle fan,also a hams. I am looking for a product which can be installed on my motorcycle with multi-functions I need for years.I have thought about portable radio at first, because it is sm


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